Relationship Coaching

The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships. When we are able to connect deeply and sustain meaning, heart, authenticity, vitality, mutual respect, and communication, life is good. We celebrate the good times and endure and grow through the grievous times with greater resilience. When relationships fall apart, we will learn how to manage conflict, repair, compromise, and grow our self-leadership to evoke courage, clarity, calm, choice, curiosity, connection, compassion, confidence, and creativity, and rebuild trust as an optimal outcome. Together, we will assess and customize a plan to meet your needs.

The Principles of Relationship

We are fortunate to have 40 years of evidenced-based research and practice from the internationally acclaimed Drs. John and Julie Gottman at the University of Washington. Having trained with the Gottman Institute, I bring these principles into my work with couples and teams. We will:

  • Create “maps” of understanding
  • Infuse languages of appreciation
  • Build a culture of “turning toward” and not away or against
  • Grow an open-minded and open-hearted attitude
  • Increase communication, empathy, vulnerability, and conflict skills to overcome gridlock
  • Design a shared vision and create shared meaning

Who I Work With

I bring my 38 years of experience working with an array of relationships, at home and at work.

  • Couples at all stages
  • Work Relationships
  • Business Teams
  • Founders
  • CEO Couples
  • Family Businesses

Master vs. Disaster

“Our goal is to become a relationship “master” rather than a “disaster.” In the end, it is kindness and generosity that build lasting relationships. Together, we learn how to increase great listening, empathy, perspective, and respect, to solve solvable problems, learn to compromise, and to help people accept their differences.

Dr. John Gottman

Relationship Coaching

The mission of my work is to inspire, support, and grow the relational resource and skills to increase authenticity, compassion, connection, effective communication, conflict management, and meaning with couples, families, teams, and organizations. Our work is visionary, and pragmatic as infuse principles and practices that have been tested over time.

Organizational Experience

I  have 21 years of working with corporations,  organizations, and non-profits in organizational, training, and development through my background in Employee Assistance work.  I provide a rich array of services for founders and teams. I have worked with startups, healthcare, education, governmental agencies, non-profits, legal workshops, and an array of business settings.


I am passionate about learning, and personal and professional growth and development. My clients have described me as being “resource -full” I am a global learner and have worked with clients all over the world as well as all regions of our country.

The first third of my practice was in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Palo Alto and Mountain View.

I am a Liberal Arts aficionado graduating from Austin College as a Music Major, with piano being my instrument of focus. I appreciate the travel during the January terms it afforded and the value instilled toward curiosity and life-long learning.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling from St. Mary’s University. In addition, I have a second Masters’s in Education from Austin College. I am a Level 3 Gottman trained therapist and coach.

Personal Background

I am a connector and bring zest, creativity, and appreciation of excellence and beauty both for my clients and community.  I am resilient and have endured tragic loss, and seasoned growth through many chapters in my life. I am a partner to my husband Dan, of 39 years who happens to be an awesome Certified Career Coach, mother of two beautiful daughters, and grandmother of three energetic, delightful humans. I love hiking, all things nature, ocean beach and forest walking, connecting with family and friends including our service dog, Ranger, humor, travel, the arts, concerts, and dancing.

I will be honored to assist you through the change you are seeking.

Professional Certifications and memberships…

Topics I Can Help You With


CEO Couples

We will work with common issues that come up between “couples” defined as married couples, friends, or family members who are Founders and work together.


Family Business

Family businesses create a legacy and can be challenged with issues such as scaling growth, maintaining boundaries, and balance between work and home life. Change and transition of roles and forward growth.


Relational Intelligence

Relational and emotional intelligence requires awareness of the feelings and emotions of oneself and others. We will learn skills in recognition, understanding, expressing, and regulating with compassion for self and empathy for others.


Women in Business

Women carry unique gifts as leaders in business. There are challenges in every workplace or entrepreneurial endeavor. We will create a space to celebrate achievement, grow leadership, and design support for optimal growth.


Core Leadership

This is an approach founded by Dr. Richard Schwartz where we learn to differentiate our core leader- containing the 8 C’s of Clarity, Courage, Confidence, Curiosity, Creativity, Compassion, and Connection from the “parts” or “protectors” for greater healing and growth.


Design Your Vision

Designing our hopes, dreams, and vision for our lives, our relationships, and our purpose in the world is a process. We will learn to clarify what is important, leave what no longer works, strengthen belief and action, and overcome doubt, fear, and reality to design and achieve together.


Engaged Teams

Teams come in all sizes- from partners in business, small to larger in size in companies and organizations. We will learn ways to increase engagement where people feel seen and heard, with greater contribution and satisfaction.


Conflict Skills

There is nothing like gridlock that can cause a halt to a team. We will learn ways to assess the level of engagement, trust, and commitment. We will include specific exercises to heal the aftermath of regrettable incidences, communication breakdown, strengthening repair skills, deep listening, and compromise.

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