CEO Couples

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If you are a “couple” who have founded and grown a business together this offering is for you. If you know the vision, passion and dedication necessary to grow a successful business, you also know the glitches and challenges that also occur. Clarity of vision and goals, communication, and conflict management are all essential to making your relationship as Founders work and your business thrive.

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History of CEO Couples

CEO Couples was conceived upon growing up in a family-owned business that has enjoyed success for over 71 years. I have seen first-hand the value of integrity, trust and commitment over time. The strengths, success, and the challenges I have witnessed inspired me to bring these resources to CEO Couples.

Types of CEO Couple Partnerships

CEO Couples come in a variety of different partnerships and configurations. Here are some of the pairings I define as CEO Couples who run businesses together:

  • Married Couples
  • Family Members
  • Friend Founders
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Specialized CEO Couple Resources

To help your team succeed, I work with my esteemed colleagues to deliver specialized services to your business.

  • Leadership Development
  • Business Coaching
  • Inclusive Culture Building

CEO Couples Success Process

Over the years I have developed a process to help CEO Couples unlock their strengths and build an effective partnership as a unified business team.

  • We meet through a Discovery Session to learn of your needs and goals
  • We customize and design a plan for you as Founders.
  • We create through meetings, intensives and retreats a plan to move forward
  • We offer a follow-up session(s) to insure forward movement, back steps and lunges toward success.
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Professional Certifications and memberships…

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