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Welcome to my site, Sharla Macy Consulting. I work with teams and companies of all sizes to grow positive, engaging relationships and culture.

Do you find your relationships at work at odds, in a heightened state of conflict that is either withdrawn, sullen, hostile, or quite desperate for direction? Are you a couple in business together, visionary yet in need of working in greater cooperation and alignment?

We live in challenging times. the greatest investment we can make is creating caring, intentional, and sustaining relationships at home and work. I seek to bring great compassion, insight, and resources through our work together.

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Are you having conversations that matter? Do you bring presence, empathy, and respect to others?

“Being on a team with hard workers who give 110%, we found ourselves overtaxed! Sharla’s Reset and Re-Energize workshop was a total game-changer! Armed with tools for destressing, we are happier and more productive than ever! Sharla was able to establish trust quickly—she is kind, creative, and a great listener.”

Software Company


Are you growing from the inside out through your vulnerability, commitment, and courage? Are you a collaborator? Do you work well with others?

“We’ve been so lucky at Hygge Power to have received coaching from Sharla Macy She helped us overcome challenges that were otherwise very difficult to handle alone; change management, consistent communication of our vision, and a nonjudgmental manner. Thank you for your tools and guidance.”

Hygge Power


Do you experience greater strength and success as a team? Do you experience awe and gratitude for the rich contribution of others?

“We are so thankful for the time, commitment, and passion that Sharla and her team bring to the startup founders of BOOMTOWN.”


My Approach

I am passionate about working with couples and teams. During this time of great complexity, change, and uncertainty, I believe it’s our relationships that give our lives grounding and meaning.

I bring my 38 years of experience filled with heart, resources, and dedication to create lives and relationships filled with authenticity, depth, and joy. With high tech, there is an ever-important need for high touch and turning toward one another for support rather than away or against.

Relationships cannot thrive unless they are based on trust, a sense of commitment, and shared meaning. We will equip you with greater awareness, vulnerability, courage, empathy, and skill to manage conflict, overcome gridlock, and increase honesty, respect, clarity, communication, and direction.

Relationships can be perplexing. I believe relationships are best described as a verb- to relate indicates that it is a mindful process requiring presence and openness to flow. We will gain awareness of what creates disconnection with skills to overcome marginalization, bias, and disharmony toward appreciation, respect, inclusion, safety, and acceptance. By building relational intelligence, we meet the challenge.

I work with start-ups, tech, health care, ; governmental agencies, educational settings, and teams of two up to large-scale companies.

I work with Founders through my offering of CEO Couples—Couples married, friends, or colleagues in the grist of strengthening communication and shared vision.

  • I work virtually, nationally, and internationally as well as in person. I offer a complimentary 20-minute interview to understand your initial interest and need.
  • We will determine your strengths and challenges. By sharing your history and vision, I will learn what is working and not working for you. Assessments are an option to more thoroughly understand the needs within your relationship or team. For couples, I provide the Relationship Checkup for that assessment. A thorough Discovery assessment is given for teams.
  • We will determine the best manner and cadence to move forward. Together we will determine what is needed to serve you. Within a safe space, I will facilitate courageous conversations, increasing deep listening, open-ended questions and empathy, to more fully understand the need.
  • We will then design a plan and vision for what is needed. I will share the option of further assessments and resources to move forward.
  • We implement the work together over a designated amount of time usually 6 months to year commitment for your every success. Measures for growth and accountability will be designed as well as a survey to determine our success and next steps.

I believe that empowered and connected relationships require awareness of what makes relationships work.

I blend my work with many resources including my experience with the evidence-based model of the Gottman Institute’s four decades of research on what makes relationships thrive. I weave those principles into my work both with couples and in work relationships to increase satisfaction and deeper engagement.


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I will share reflections, resources, podcasts, and more.